Pinebox Music Improv Series

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The Pinebox Music Improv Series was part of an effort to promote the art and beauty of improvisation. Different regional musicians would team up and see what kind of sounds emerged. The series was originally offered on free CDs, and is now available for free digitally here on Mushmud.

Works by Pinebox Music Improv Series

Jeff McLeod - Chapman stick. Pak Nichols - bass. Dave Veatch - drums. Recorded live by Shane Gillis on 4-17-04.
free improvisation, pinebox music, jeff mcleod
6 tracks (39 minutes, 27 seconds)
Rank: #19
Released 9/16/2010
3 downloads / 30 plays

Keith Goodwin - Roland JP8000. Jeff McLeod - Ensoniq Fizmo. Recorded live at The Subversive Workshop on 6-5-04.
free improvisation, roland JP8000, ensoniq fizmo, fizmo, jeff mcleod
3 tracks (42 minutes, 41 seconds)
Rank: #49
Released 9/16/2010
1 download / 5 plays