Jeff McLeod

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Works by Jeff McLeod

My Least Favorite Animal
A growing collection of improvisations on the Moog E1 guitar. All single takes, recorded live. No overdubs and minimal post-processing.
moog, moog guitar, moog e1, free improv, improv, improvisation, drone
5 tracks (53 minutes, 24 seconds)
Rank: #7
Released 8/23/2010
18 downloads / 127 plays

Malevolent Functions
A collection of free and prepared improvisations on the Moog Voyager and Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizers... Read More
improvisation, free improv, synth, synthesizer, moog, moog voyager, ensoniq fizmo, fizmo, jeff mcleod
4 tracks (38 minutes, 51 seconds)
Rank: #10
Released 7/20/2010
7 downloads / 68 plays

Improvisations on a baritone guitar (with looping). Recorded live by Jeff Rackley at The Moreland Avenue Tavern in Atlanta, GA on 6-10-2000.
free improvisation, jeff mcleod
4 tracks (31 minutes, 38 seconds)
Rank: #46
Released 9/16/2010
1 download / 7 plays