Dave and the Derelicts

Artist Picture: Dave and the Derelicts
Dave and the Derelicts were a band of various fictitious personnel contributing to a series of recordings produced in the late 1980's. Members included Paul Atreides, Duncan Garp, Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne

Works by Dave and the Derelicts

Out of Focus
The third and final album by the Derelicts, Out of Focus is considered the band's masterpiece. The... Read More
4-track, home recording, toys, backwards
8 tracks (27 minutes, 39 seconds)
Rank: #13
Released 5/1/1988
3 downloads / 47 plays

Dave and the Derelicts II
An album of dark, heavy, and mind-numbing instrumentals.
home recording, instrumental
7 tracks (33 minutes, 11 seconds)
Rank: #29
Released 7/28/1987
3 downloads / 21 plays

Dave and the Derelicts I
The first work by Dave and the Derelicts. Recorded using a 1960's reel-to-reel recorder and a... Read More
home recording, eclectic, psychedelic, cassette, bouncing
8 tracks (30 minutes, 1 second)
Rank: #30
Released 10/1/1986
2 downloads / 18 plays