Coma Girl

Artist Picture: Coma Girl
Coma Girl was a band based in Tampa, Fl. Played together from 2000 to 2006.

Members on all recordings were :
Paul Mcdowell - Vocals and Horns
David Kibby - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Marty Iglesias - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Max Sisk - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Works by Coma Girl

Women Of Dodge
This was the last of three albums. Recorded at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, FL by Rob McGregor sometime in 2005?
Coma Girl
10 tracks (32 minutes, 33 seconds)
Rank: #2
Released 6/26/2010
42 downloads / 261 plays

Dry Is In
Second of three albums. Recorded at Atomic Audio in Tampa, FL. 2003 I think?
Coma Girl
8 tracks (27 minutes, 6 seconds)
Rank: #4
Released 6/26/2010
20 downloads / 182 plays