Bathing with Doll Heads

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What happens when three or four outcast high-school kids in southwestern New Hampshire decide to make music? Bathing with Doll Heads consisted of Dave, John and Matt, with contributions by Eric, Jared, Chris, Vaheed and numerous others.

Works by Bathing with Doll Heads

We recorded this in Matt's room one summer day. We had found this old hollow-body jazz guitar in a... Read More
home recording, garage, spoken word
7 tracks (12 minutes, 4 seconds)
Rank: #15
Released 9/1/1989
1 download / 42 plays

Apartment #9
LoFi, psychedelic, home recording, garage
7 tracks (25 minutes, 24 seconds)
Rank: #26
Released 6/20/1989
1 download / 24 plays